Monday, February 6, 2012

Shotgun Journal

Hosted by Bruce Scott and Marty Fischer, Shotgun Journal is my favorite wingshooting show and to my knowledge the show is now off the air. I have never been able to watch any episode on my TV. This show aired on a network that was never available by my cable provider. I found out about this show when I purchased Wingshooter-Putting More Birds In Your Bag and Mastering the Double Gun dvds many years ago. All the scenes used in the Wingshooter were taken from the various episodes of Shotgun Journal.

Although Marty Fischer uses an auto most of time, this is a fine shotgun show. Bruce generally uses an over and under but uses a side by sides on occasion as well, as does Marty. Some episodes they travel to London to visit fine gunmakers Purdey and Bass. In another they allow us into the workshop of a small Italian fine gun maker Perugini and Visini. There they show use a miniature shotgun which is basically a scaled down full functioning over and under. A true masterpiece.

On a few episodes, Bruce and Marty travel to Hungary and Spain for some traditional estate shoots. These types of hunts always interest me as I do have a fascination with these driven European shoots. I love all the pomp and circumstance, from the guns, the clothes, the birds, the dogs, the vehicles, the tradition, the scenery, the sit down lunch breaks, the celebration, all of it. This has been done for hundreds of years by European royalty. In reality it's a bit silly but I don't care, some traditions are worth keeping. I hope one day to participate in one in some European country preferably with a custom matching pair from Hartmann Weiss or another fine gun maker. Some day perhaps.

Stuffy European shoots are not the only type of shotgunning show cased on this show. They also travel to South Africa, Argentina, Mexico. Not all shows are at exotic locations many are filmed here in the states as well for more hunting most Americans are accustomed to. I believe there is a little bit of everything for all types of shotgunners. If you're into, like myself, fine shotguns or if you have a Walmart beater, I think this show can appeal to all.

Episodes can be seen here. I wish they made more episodes and I had the channel that broadcasted it.

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