Friday, February 17, 2012

Baron Travel Gun Bag

I have noticed that Baron of Sweden has made its way onto the shores of the US. Back in 2007, before they were imported here, I ordered a very unique gun bag from shop in Scotland. This Travel Gun Bag still isn't available here. It's made to hold your broken down gun discreetly. Unless someone is familiar with this bag no one would be the wiser that you are transporting you shotgun. To me, particularly in California, that was the main reason I bought he bag.

The bag has two compartments that allow you to easily store a broken down shotgun like this Merkel 47e. If you have received a Merkel catalog in the past few years you'll notice in one of the photos a woman hunter pulling a Merkel KR1 out of this same bag.

The lower compartment holds the barrels it comes with a removable pad so that your firearm does not get damaged if someone drops the bag down. I have traveled with my prized Merkel 147 Sidelock in it without fear of damage.

Each side has a main compartment to store clothes, gear, ammo, etc. They expand and the middle buckle keeps all your gear from falling out.

Also in one main compartment there is a small zippered pocket to store your point and shoot camera, passport, wallet, bandaid, knife etc.

Each compartment also has another zip away storage section. One is made of the same cotton plaid material and the other is made of vinyl. The latter is use to carry your shoes or dirty boots.

They can be taken off so you can keep clean clothes away from your soiled clothes and boots.

The bag comes with a removable padded shoulder sling if you so chose to carry it that way.

I aways liked this Baron ad for obvious reasons. I actually thought about naming my dog Baron but went with Kaiser instead. My next drahthaar will most likely be named Baron.

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