Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blaser F3

The other day I managed to find some photos that I thought were lost forever when my computer crashed years ago. I found a few pictures of my of a gun I sold years ago, my Blaser F3. The reason I sold it was not because it was a bad gun. In fact its a great gun, beautifully built. The precision and the fitting is amazing. Placing the forearm onto the barrels is almost a religious experience.

As I do more clay shooting I often regret letting this fine over and under go. At the time, as is still the case, I was much more interested in hunting rather than clay shooting. Clay shooting has always been only to hone my skills for a upcoming season. Even so, every off season when I shoot a lot of clays I often regret still my decision. But it was not necessarily a bad decision as the gun did not fit me perfectly, the comb was just slightly high for me. Also the barrels were 32 inches, which is all the rage today for competition guns but for me it's a bit too long for my tastes. For me, 30 inches would be the maximum length for any double barrel, with 28 being ideal. I did also make a profit selling this gun, so all in all it was not a bad decision but like all past sweethearts you always think what if...


  1. I like your post .The blaser f3 gun is really powerful short gun. I have shooting experience same as you. The blaser F3 gun is the best for hunting as well as shooting. The pictures of this blaser F3 is so beautiful.Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Thanks Stella. The F3 is quite the gun. Its gaining quite a following too. It kinda makes me regret letting mine go. Maybe I'll pick one up again in the future but I think I'd go 20 gauge this time with 28 inch barrels. At the time when I got mine only 12 gauge was available.