Monday, February 20, 2012

Off Season Reads

With hunting season long over, its time to take up a different hobby or to do some reading. In my library I have three interesting books that I believe would make a welcomed addition in yours. All three books have been translated from their original language. So some of the reading can be difficult to say the least. But from a "gun porn" perspective they are excellent as they are filled with photos of guns that generally don't get too much "airtime."

Norbert Klup's The Drilling Gun and Double Barrel were translated from German and I'll admit poorly done. Thereby making this book, in my opinion, much more a coffee table book than a late night reader. That said the photos alone are worth buying the book.

Next is Eric Joly's Legendary Sporting Guns: Shotguns and Rifles which is translated from French. The translation is fine and did not distract me from reading it. As with the two books, the photography alone would make me want to buy this book. In addition to firearm history, the author also writes about gunmaker's history, and art though most of the discussion is on hunting.

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