Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NAC Micro FY49 #2/3 Weight Fly Rod

A few years ago I found a little gem while in a Tokyo fly shop. It was the NAC Micro FY49 #2/3 fly rod. This is a 4'9" 6 piece 2/3 weight. I was told that it was made in Japan although nowhere on the rod does it says so. It's an absolute niche product and I don't even think its popular in it's home country of Japan. I use it almost exclusively now for our local wild trout waters. The action is soft and slow. Glass rod slow. I haven't tried it with a 2 weight as of yet but I think its best with a 3. All that I have had cast it, they all seem to really like the little rod. If I ever break it, I can almost guarantee that you'll see me crying as its almost irreplaceable. I can not even find them in Japanese websites. I'm not sure if they even make them anymore.

The blank is a deep gloss green.

The rod separates into 6 pieces making this rod a very convenient pack rod.

The handle and reel seat insert are made of the same wood material. I'm not quite sure what wood it is but it appears to be a hardwood that has some nice figure. The reel seat is uplocking which would make one think given its small size to be off balanced but when I put a Galvan OB1 on it, the rod balances right toward the tip of the handle.

Wraps are the green and blend nicely into the blanks. The components are double footed appear to be TiCH gunsmoke.

The entire package is quite small and I have in the past placed it in the rear pocket of my Simms fishing vest as I hiked into the San Gabriel river.

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