Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aigle Nemrod

I picked up a pair of Aigle Nemrods for the old man awhile back and never posted pictures. Like my pair, I bought these at JCrew when they were on sale. I felt odd buying wellies from such a company. In fact I was a little pissed about it. But the price was too good to resist. I hate it when fashion comes into the "hunting/country" wear. I couldn't believe wellies became a fashion trend. It is so lame to see urban schmucks wear things they have no idea about. I guess that's life.

These Nemrods have the same treads as my Benylsports and are self cleaning.

The difference between the two are that the Nemrods have a lace up top to tighten it around the calf.

The toes are also reinforced to take abuse as this is the most common place for wear.

Ankles are fitted. The natural rubber is supple and tear resistant. These also are still made in France and are quality boots.

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