Friday, February 3, 2012

Winchester Model 12 Takedown

The other day a friend of mine purchased a Winchester M42 (essentially a M12 in .410), he asked me over the phone how to take it down. Rather than try to explain it over the phone I decided to post it here to make easier on the both of us. This is not instructions for a full disassembly but a simple takedown.

Push the pin on the magazine tube out.

Now extend the pin all the way out.

Now using the extended pin push the pin the other direction. Rotating the tube counter clockwise.

Push the pin upwards thereby extending the tube until it stops.

Extend the forend fully forward to maximum extension.

Grab the entire barrel assembly and rotate it counter clockwise 90 degress and remove.

A taken down M12.

To reasemble reverse the order and make sure your arrows are in aligment when your finished.

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