Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aigle Boot Bag

My Aigle boots now have a proper home, they have been in my Barbour boot bags up until now. Aigle boots in Dallas has finally started importing these Aigle boot bags even though they do not have them on their website as of yet. A few weeks ago I emailed them to see if they would ever start carrying them and they let me know they are now in stock. It's about time, I had long considered buying them from Europe like I did with both my Barbour boot bags but never got around to it. With international shipping and a poor dollar to euro exchange rate, I just made due with my Barbour wellington bag. I purchase one for my dad as well for his Nemrods. The Le Chameau boot bags have been available in the US for a long time and at one point I even considered buying one of those for my Aigles but that would be like putting BMW gear on a Mercedes. It's just not right. The boot bags are $49.00 plus one time shipping of $6.00, so they are not exactly cheap.

Now both my Aigle and Barbour wellies have proper homes.

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