Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Harkila Double Rifle Slip and Harkila Rifle Cartridge Cover in leather

Harkila, while not well known among US hunters, is a Scandinavian outdoor company that specializes in hunting gear.  From what I gather they are quite popular among European hunters.  My first experience with them is with one of their sweaters.  Its been the warmest sweater I've ever worn and it's lined with Gore-Tex so gives me added protection in case my Filson jacket is compromised. 
The old man has been in need of a soft case for fie rifles years now and with the addition of his new Martini Hagn single shot, it's about time he got a new one.  Since I was already placing an order for the Musto gun slip, I decided to pick up a slip for his rifles.
I chose the Harkila for many reasons.  For one I was so impressed with my sweater, I figured their other products should be just as good.  Another is that this case holds more than one scoped rifle.
This rifle slip's outer shell is made from waterproof PU fabric with nice and supple leather trim.  The interior is made with a high quality foam ensuring protection of optics and sporting rifles.  There are two expandable pockets which allow for carrying of spotting scopes, shooting sticks, spare barrels, ammo or any other accessory.
A removable and adjustable sling is proved for shoulder carry. One negative is that the is slip is rather tall and there is a lot of room height-wise so if you do carry the slip on the shoulder the gun within may get bounced around.  On a positive note though, for added protection the zippers are waterproof as well as lockable. 

I also picked up for the old man a Harkila Rifle Cartridge Cover in leather.  This ammo holder carries five cartridges of most standard medium bore.  It looks to be made of the same leather as the trim of the rifle slip.  All in all not a bad piece of kit.

If you've read this post and a few of my latest posts I've written about the Croots cartridge belt and the Musto gun slip, all were purchased overseas from Ardmour in Scotland.  They have been a pleasure to deal with and unlike a previous experience from another Scottish vendor (the one I bought the Harkila sweater from) everything went smoothly.  Ardmour was relatively fast to ship, the actual shipping though only took three days to arrive at my doorstep in California which is faster than some domestic routes, only one item was not instock and received a full refund back on my card.  I am not affiliated with Ardmour nor do I receive any compensation for anything on this blog.  I write for fun.  If I did get paid I'd let you know.  So if you have a need for any European hunting gear that is unavailable here stateside, you may want to check them out.  Currently they do have a sale on most of their items and international shipping is free over 250GBP.


  1. I thinking that advocating fantastic service is a great thing. It helps others to make good buying decisions.

    1. Agreed. Just avoid Scott Country in the UK, they did nothing but pissed me off.