Thursday, January 23, 2014

Croots Cartridge Belt

Croots is British company specializing in traditional field sport accessories.  Recently I placed an order from the UK on a Croots Cartridge Belt among a few other items.  This will be used for the most part for jump shooting waterfowl.  With a 25 shot capacity, it will also be useful for our refugees as that is the maximum number of rounds allowed in a blind.
Made in England, this belt is made of quality bridle leather tanned in a handsome dark Havana color.  The loops are open and has a smartly designed stopper to prevent the rounds from being pushed too far down.  Loops are accurately stitched and shells fit snuggly but not too much so that they are difficult to insert or remove.  With the last weekend of the bird season upon us, I'll be testing it tomorrow.

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