Sunday, January 26, 2014

Musto Canvas And Leather Gunslip

Not many quality gunslips are available here in the States.  Most are overpriced cheap imports that are hardly befitting a fine double.  Regretting not picking up a Maremmano gunslip on sale a few years back, I've been looking for a new one ever since.  I picked up one from Musto for £108.29.
There are some real smart feature of this English-made gunslip.  First, there is protective block end that creates a pocket to fit a portion of your stock.  This creates a layer of safety in case you carry the slip incorrectly (shouldering it zipper side down).  If the heavy duty zipper is improperly secured, the gun can plummet to the ground.  The pocket at least can help prevent the gun from being dropped out of the carrier.  Another layer of safety is that the zipper has a leather pull that can be buttoned to the slip to prevent accidental slippage.
The exterior is laminated cotton twill canvas with Italian vegetable tanned leather trim.  There is an adjustable leather sling with solid brass hardware.  The interior is a soft padded quick drying synthetic fleece.  This English made gunslip is an affordable piece of kit worthy of carrying my Merkels, Darnes or any higher end shotgun.

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