Saturday, February 1, 2014

Looking For The Exotics

What's up with this weather?  When I want it cold, it's hot.  When I want it hot, it's cold.  Where was all this rain (and snow in the mountains) last week when I needed it duck hunting.  Now that I have transitioned to fly fishing mode all the warm weather is gone and the cold front has arrived.  Figures.

Chul asked a week ago if I wanted to try our luck for some bonefish at SD bay.  He had tried earlier with Tuck without any luck.  I armed myself with some intelligence gathered from some buddies who have caught their fair share of these fish.  With coordinates and some knowledge we were better prepared to head out.  On paper the tides were in our favor and we had high hopes.  What was not in our favor was the recent cold snap and storm, nor was this the usual time of year for these fish.
Before fishing we loaded up at Roberto's Mexican Food with breakfast burritos. After which we headed to bay launching from Chula Vista. Chul was the first to get on fish but not the ones we were after, all of them spotted bay bass.  After watching him gain the lead, I decided that my 5 weight with 150 grains simply was not getting the job done so I rigged up my 7 weight with a 250 grain line.  Eventually I started to get bit.  All were spotties.  Chul managed his first sand bass on the fly and all 8 inches of it was wall hanging worthy.  None of the fish were all that spectacular although Chul did manage a decent fish which was the best of the day.
No bonefish were caught today.  It's still a little early for them so we'll be back again in the spring to see if we can finally catch one of those speedsters. 

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