Sunday, February 16, 2014

Game Changer and Calico Days

Work has preventing me from enjoying any of my hobbies of late.  I did manage to attend the Calico Syndicate hosted film tour and yesterday's Collaboration Day at Bob Marriott's.  As always Keith puts on a good show.  Inspired I decided to start tying up some Game Changers for the monster bass in Mission Viejo Lake.  Hopefully this will entice those monsters to eat.
Tod demonstrates how to rig up a custom heavy line Calico Syndicate style using an Airflo line welder. 
Eyes on squid patterns have always been the weak link.  I liked Adam's approach to attaching eyes.  He uses heavy Mason folded over and the eye epoxied on at the bend.
Alex shows me his version of the Game Changer which he sandwiches two Polar Chenile around the CCT body fur.
Alex's array of various Mega Game Changers some up to nine inches long.  These are for calico fishing as indicated by their heavy weedguards.
The boys brought out the IGFA line tester and had a contest to see who had the strongest knot. 

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