Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tiemco Fly Pit Lanyard and C&F Design Vertical Belt Patch

Here is a couple items from two Japanese fly fishing companies that are currently unavailable here in the states.  The first is the TMC Fly Pit Lanyard (given current exchange rates this item is about $32) and the second is the C&F Design Vertical Belt Patch ($20).
A recall a few trips ago that my fishing buddies were mocking the lanyard as a fishing accessory.  While I agreed that the current stock of lanyards available here in the states look pretty ridiculous I did state that the method of carry was a good idea.  So when I saw this new item from TMC Japanese site I made sure to have my folks to pick me up one while they were in Japan.
The lanyard is adjustable for length so that it can dangle as short or long as you wish.  Neoprene tubing adds comfort to the neck.  Two accessory rings are attached to each side and are adjustable to desired location.
Compared to C&F fly patches, this TMC is disappointing.  First unlike their counterpart, this Tiemco is made in China.  The foam is not slitted so will eventually be needed to be replaced.  Also it will not securely hold the hook as slitted foam.  Despite this does allow for more flies to be carried and the two halves are separated by a dry fly and a wet fly section.
Ventilated side holes allow water to escape and evaporate.  Overall I'm not too impressed and I might just replace the fly patch with a C&F version.
My intention is to use this for trips similar to my first turkey hunt when we backpacked into a valley thinking we may have had a chance at trout.  On trips like that when fishing is not the priority, I like to keeps things minimalistic and lightweight. 
For me, Southern California trout fishing rarely do I ever fish with streamers so I almost never carry them.  My fly boxes are generally organized in such a manner that streamers get their own box.  Most of my regular fishing spots don't warrant me carrying an extra box.  So as a result I almost never trout fish with streamers.  I wanted to change that so when I saw this new item from C&F I knew I wanted to add it to my collection.
This patch is simple and lightweight, its basically made of foam and lined with plastic.
A magnet secures the lid and the flies within.  The slit pattern is their streamer pattern.  I don't think it will carry many but for what I need it for, it will be more than adequate.
This patch is intended to be carried on a belt or strap via a Velcro attachment that can be rotated 90 degrees. 

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