Friday, July 11, 2014

Wind, Dinks, And A Broken Rod At NPH

The World Cup is now winding down so my free time can now be indulging  my outdoor pursuits.  Conditions were ideal on paper with a strong tide, and warm water.  What we didn't anticipate was the heavy wind that made casting and controlling the pram less than ideal.  Chul reported mackerel hitting at the bait barge last weekend.  Fish generally don't get too big in this bay, in fact its been over ten years the last time I seen any fish of any specie over two pounds so I decided to rig my favorite 5 weight rod.

With the pitiful yet tenacious little trolling motor struggling to fight against the tide, it took what seemed like eternity to reach the barge.  After the long journey the wind made it next to impossible to cast at any distance.  After a few drifts, I managed the first fish of the day, a small mackerel.  And on next fish I managed was a stronger fish and as I fought it, my rod suddenly snapped.  I managed to bring it hand only to notice that I foul hooked this mackerel.  I switched to my spare rod a seven weight.

As we struggled to fish in the wind I managed another fish while Chul was fighting his first of the afternoon.  This mackerel was larger than the two previous but on a seven weight it was hardly was entertaining.  Fed up with trying to battle the crappy conditions we opted to held in the bay where we could use the multimillion waterfront homes as a shield against the howling wind.  I only manged two more fish, a pair of dink sand bass before we called it quits.  What a waste of perfect conditions.  Had it not been for the damn wind, this could have been one of  those epic 50 fish days.

Looks like I'll have to send in my five weight rod again for repair for what seems like the hundredth time.

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