Friday, July 25, 2014

Back To The Bay

With our fishing itch not scratched from our last trip, we hit the bay in the hopes of some action.  Fishing was slow and Chul only managed two dinks.  I managed to complete the Salt Water Bay Slam, a Calico, Sand, and Spotted Bay Bass.  Albeit the calico and sand bass were dinks.  In fact the sand bass was the smallest I've ever caught.  I suppose that is some sort of accomplishment.  The Spotties though were legit both were a pound and half.  Years ago those were the norm, now they seem, harder and harder to find.
Never seen a Chinook this low and close to the beach in this area.  I wonder what the boys of Pendleton were doing here.
My second spotted bay bass.  Both about 1.5 pounders although this was slightly smaller.
The first fish of the day.  A dink calico.
The smallest sand bass I've ever caught.  It's about the size of our local trout.

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