Monday, June 2, 2014

Feels Like I'm Studying Back In University

Honestly I never thought I would liked turkey hunting.  Sitting silently and motionless in camouflage waiting for a bird to come into range to shoot it on the ground didn't really appeal to me.  So when I was invited on a hunt I was somewhat reluctant.  To make it more appealing and add a bit more of a challenge I decided I was going to take one with an air rifle. 

My knowledge of this bird is somewhat limited and so I went into the season I had to rely heavily on my hunting partner's knowledge to try to get us onto birds.  After the first hunt I started to do so last minute studying trying to help improve our odds.  When the hunting season ended I decided I'd study up to help increase my chances when the fall season begins.

I picked up The Wild Turkey: Biology & Management from James G. Dickson. This book seems to be the most complete book I've seen regarding the subject of this elusive bird.  The information goes beyond hunting and hunting techniques and that information is only briefly covered.  It is filled with much more, just about anything you'd like to know about all the six subspecies of turkey found here in the US.  There is so much information it reminds me of a college textbook.  With this book I'm hoping I'm going to be much more prepared for next season.

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