Saturday, May 31, 2014

Midnight Run, Skunk in the Air

Maybe it was the lack of moonlight but our midnight run to the bay was unsuccessful.  Tides and water temperatures were ideal.  My buddies who have fished the bay at night have always told me the their biggest fish out of the bay have always been at night.  So I was pretty eager to try it once Chul booty fabbed the boat to be night legal.  Both of us managed after making hundreds of casts to get a fish a piece to the boat only to have it come unbutton right before we could land it.  On a particular drift we literally and figuratively smelt the skunk in the air.  We saw it as a sign.  It wasn't going to happen for us. I never knew real skunks lived at the beach.   After about two hours we packed up and left to head home and hit the pillow.

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