Monday, May 19, 2014

Snow Peak GigaPower Plate Burner Li (Baja Burner)

Known as the Baja Burner here stateside and GigaPower Burner Li in Japan, this Snow Peak stove is another great piece of gear coming from this outdoor gear company.  Made mostly of stainless steel, this stove weighs 6.2 pounds.  The legs and gas hose fold out and tuck away for easy storage.
 A heavy nylon carrying bag with a drawstring is included.
 The GigaPower uses backpacking gas cans that can be held inverted for maximum gas flow or
stood up as normal.  With an aftermarket adapter, the stove can take other fuel cans such as Coleman or cheap Asian market butane fuel cans. 
Unlike my house stove or my multi burner Century camp stove this GigaPower has plenty of room for use with large diameter pans like this paella pan. 
My experiences with stoves with built in ignition sources usually leave me abandoning them in favor of a lighter but this burner (as with my Snow Peak backpacking stove) lights consistently with only one push of the button. 
This Snow Peak, like it's backpacking stoves, is made in Korea and looks like another solid piece of gear from this outdoor company.

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