Tuesday, May 6, 2014

JSB Diabolo Exact .20

The .20 caliber pellet is becoming less available and pellet manufactures are dropping them.  Without someone like Robert Beeman pushing the caliber and influencing manufactures to  add them in their line, I'm afraid the caliber may go the way of the dodo.  Since my over decade long hiatus from airgun shooting, my favorite .20 caliber pellet, the Crosman Premier, has been discontinued.  I have have a few boxes left but I was concerned what I'd do when my stockpile ran out.  My RX is very pellet sensitive and I've tried just about every .20 cal available at the time I bought it.  None grouped as well as the Premier.  So when I read just a couple weeks ago that the .20 Premiers were no longer available, I started looking online for a source for them.  I couldn't find any so I looked of an alternative.  After some researching I looked into these Czech made JSB pellets. 
JSB to my recollection were not available in the US when I was active in the scene.  I believe these Diabolo Exacts are a fairly new pellet.  From what I have read they are consistent and of good quality.  Coming in 500 count, the tins are lined with foam to help prevent deformation. 
Listed at 13.73 gr, they are lighter than the 14.3 gr Premiers my RX favors.  The pellet itself looks similar to the Crosmans.  So I hoped they would make a good alternative.  I bought one tin to test how the RX like them. 
High winds blew most of last week and I could only test them in the wind.  This was the best I could do with a five shot group at 25 yards with a left to right wind.  I think I can tighten these groups up in calmer conditions.  So I think I've found my substitute and intend on buying more. 

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