Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It Can't Be, Quality Televison On Discovery Channel?

I just finished watching Kodiak and I can say after it's the best show on Discovery Channel I've seen in sometime.  With a channel that's lost all credibility and known for producing turds like Bear Grylls and Amish Mafia , it's nice to see some decent television for once.   I stumbled on this show tonight and was intrigued about the Grizzly hunting it portrayed in it's promo.  When the end credit ran I noticed Chris Dorsey as an Executive Producer and Orion Entertainment.  No wonder the show is good they have someone competent running the production.  Chris Dorsey, once the editor of Petersen's Hunting, has produced some of my favorite outdoor (mostly hunting) shows on television including but no limited to Dangerous Game (by far the best on TV), World of Beretta, Bird Hunter's Journal, A Dog's Life and a few others I don't recall the name of as of this moment.  I'm hoping the rest of the four part series is good and the lame ass Discovery Channel producers don't muck it up with fake drama and gimmicky shit like making them hunt naked.  What do you think?  Did you watch it?

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