Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ring Necked Duck Sandwich

For dinner I fired up the ring necked duck from my last hunt.  This was the first time ever trying this species of waterfowl.  I've heard several mixed reviews on the edibility of these ducks and I can say they are excellent.  It was sweet and slightly gamey and was perfect for the Japanese marinade recipe that I got from Yasuo Matsuki at Sushi Koto.  After marinading and cooking I made it into a sandwich with mixed greens and tomato on crusty French bread and topped it with Japanese mayo.

One thing Dave told when I asked him if these birds were edible was that they are good eating but a pain to clean.  He wasn't wrong, I normally have no problem plucking a bird clean but this one took some time. 

All the little hair follicles were tough to remove.  Once I plucked the best I could, I cut the breasts and legs out and scraped the skin with a pairing knife to remove all the left over feather particles.  For the most part it worked.  I intend on heading back this week so hopefully I'll be enjoying more of these birds soon.  Perhaps next time I'll try a different preparation.


  1. Hell that looks so damn yummy! (I have a couple of mallards on the barbecue wrapped in foil at the moment, 1 is tandoori, the other is marmalade marinade).