Monday, January 28, 2013


Decades ago while looking through one of my old man's issues of an old German outfitters catalog,  Frankonia, I came across this stuff call Ballistol.  Since I did not read German, all I could decipher was that it was some sort of gun cleaning oil.  Remember, this was pre-internet days so information was hard to come by.

Fast forward to a few years ago, I ordered a catalog from another German outfitter, Akah.  While perusing through the pages, I came across this stuff again.  The Akah catalog is written in English so I could read about this stuff.  It is a mineral oil based CLP (cleaner/lubricant/preservative) that is nontoxic and safe for all surfaces-metal, wood, plastic and leather.  Over the years I forgot about this stuff but it wasn't until I saw a youtuber post a video about this stuff did it spark my interest again.  I goggled it and looked for a retailer that sold it and ordered a few cans.

A German Limited Edition Tin Set.  Packaging with Style.
Being nontoxic, I really like this stuff despite the smell.  Some say it smells like black licorice, I think it smells like ass.  All I can say it works.  Before the season began I used it to clean the barrels of my Darne R13 and Merkel Model 8, both were in dire need of a good cleaning.  I had shot B&P spreader loads in both those guns for years without really cleaning the barrels.  Those spreader loads are notoriously dirty.  Prior to Ballistol I had tried various gun cleaners with little affect so I basically stopped cleaning the barrels out of laziness but since modern ammo is noncorrosive I really didn't mind.  I finally had enough and it still took me a long time to clean those guns but I finally got those barrels clean.

Originally made for the German army, Ballistol has thousands of uses.  This stuff is great and use it for anything.  I spray down a rag and wipe the entire gun with it including the wood and leather sling.  Although I've never tried it but I have read that it has been used for minor cuts and scratches.  Its truly a miracle oil.  Because it emulsifies with water, its great for an all weather lubricant.  So if it rains, the rain doesn't wash off the oils.  It does not dry or congeal.  Seal Team 6 and the USCG have adopted it for weapons maintenance in the early 90s if that convinces you.  German shooters and hunters swear by this stuff.  For me that was good enough for me to try it.


  1. i stumbled on your blog while trying to find a picture of a Merkel 8. I am a Moderator on the largest rimfire forum on the net. Now living in TN I saw pictures of my beloved Mojave Desert, Sierras, Owens Valley, Chukars and Ballistol. My kind of guy I thought.

    I moved to China Lake in 1962 @ 10 years old and started my shooting a year later. I saw your mention of Closed desert and suspect it it was near Last Chance Canyon Randsburg where Diane Fienstien had her way with stinking "Desert Protection Act" and closed my favorite camping spots of 40 years in Last Chance Canyon. We had 30-50 chukars at a time walk right past our camp many times...out of season. Now you can not even ride a horse into that huge chunk of desert. In on and opff 50 years of desert camping and living I NEVER, NEVER saw anyone back pack into the desert. You just can not carry enough water but it kept people from shooting and riding and having FUN so it made her happy. some of those trails are hundreds of years older than our country is but she had to protect them from me.

    Other times I wore out good boots and my legs climbing thew rock there and off of Trona Road and in the Tehacapis South of Red Rock Canyon.

    Ballistol: Amazing stuff. Heard of it for years but pre net could never find it. Now I rarely use anything else except when copper removal is important in Varmint rifles. I have even used it on roses to rid them of aphids as suggested in some of there old information!!!

    Last thing. There is an old saying about chukar. "The first time you hunt them is for sport. Every time thereafter is for revenge".

    My last Chukar hunting this life was with my best fried who died shortly after of a massive heart attack. In a spot off of Trona Road where we have had the run right through camp many times we chased a bunch to the highest nastiest rocks in the canyon only to have them jump off and glide all the way to the bottom! Then you hear that "gathering call" ha,ha,ha,ha,:-( That is the revenge part.

    Stop by Rimfirecentral if you get a chance, I am "Vincent". Love your blog.

    1. Thanks for your comments Vincent. I'm glad you were able to escape CA, I hope to do the same someday. Even though you escaped you still can't escape DiFi can you? She's at it again and won't stop.

      I'm glad you enjoy the blog and I'll have to check out Rimfirecentral as I do love my 22s, although they have been much neglected of late. Keep in touch and enjoy "Free America" while I'll dream of doing the same here in "Occupied America."