Friday, January 25, 2013

It Might Be Over

For whatever foolish reason, I thought our season ended at the end of the month.  It was not until I picked up one of our hunting regulations booklets last night did I realize it ended this weekend.  I had planned on heading out on Monday and hunting until end of the month.  I'm glad I checked otherwise I would have looked pretty stupid driving 5 hours only to realize I was poaching birds out of season.  So I let my old man know and made a mad dash to reschedule my calendar since my sister's family is in town I told them they're on there own I'm outta here. With that I  head out to the market to get supplies before the store closed.  I spent the night packing the Rover and getting ready.

I awoke this morning and I'm not feeling well.  I believe I caught whatever my niece had and it may now be game over.  I'm pissed.  If I remotely feel better tomorrow I'm heading out otherwise its going to be a long bitter off season.  Nearby States, Arizona, Nevada Utah and New Mexico have "extended" seasons (I call them extended because the are longer than what I'm used to in CA) that go into February, perhaps I'll have to make an upland trip if I can't finish out this season here.  Sickness already cost me a pheasant hunt earlier this season now it might have cost me the closing weekend.  That's bullshit!  Back to bed to try and get better.

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