Friday, June 25, 2010

Darne R13 Shotgun

After a long required 10 day wait, my Darne is finally come home. This is a R13 27.5 inch barrel 12 gauge with a POW grip. Chokes are mod and full. The condition is excellent, there are only a few handling marks. None of them are all that noticeable. The wood is ok and not particularly figured. I would have preferred a sub gauge but I can live with another 12. Like most Darnes, this model came with the safety on the left hand side. This will make for some awkward shooting in the field. I'll just have to make due. Although I cannot confirm this, I've been told the reason for the left hand side safety was so that the shooter could see whether or not his gun was on safe when he mounted.

I'm excited for this upcoming season as its been a good wet year. There should e great opportunities for this shotgun to get on birds. I'll use this mainly for chuckar, pheasants and ducks but it will see action on early season mountain quail, doves, and valley quail.

I can't wait to take it to the clays course and give it a try.

Close up of the R13 Engravings

R13 Markings and Proofmarks

Darne disassembled

The unique sliding breech.

I love these quirky french guns.

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