Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fly Fishing goods bought in Japan

Fly Fisher Magazine. Kenshiro Shimazaki tying DVDs, 2 Medium C&F fly boxes.

NAC 4'9" 2/3 weight. This is a fantastic small stream rod perfect for Bear Creek, the San Gabriel rivers or any SoCal trout stream.

Keychains with Japanese Trout

Shimizaki's fly wings

The Hollow body Kit and tool for making extended bodies.

These are C&F's version on extended bodies. Unlike Shimizaki's these use dubbing whereas Shimizaki's use a plastic bag and double sided tape.

The booty. Some items are available here in the states but are considerably more expensive and other just never make it here for one reason or another. One example is the Tiemco wing burners in the upper right hand corner.

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