Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heading Back To Barrett

Tickets have been purchased and I'll be heading back to Barrett on the 17th. This time I'll have I won't be armed with only second hand knowledge from guys who have fished it in the past. I'll be accompanied by Ed who is extremely knowledgeable about the lake. In fact it was he and Bryan Webb who I gathered information from before my virgin voyage.

I can't wait, its one thing getting good intel on a new fishing spot, it's a whole different matter when someone in the know shows you. From the reports after my first trip, it looks like the fishing has gotten much better. Some conventional fisherman are reporting 100 fish days many in the 4lbs some in the 6lbs and over range. Reports like that were once commonplace, now it seems not so much. Perhaps that is the reason tickets are now so easy to obtain. You can even get tickets at midnight the day before. That was unheard of years ago. Tickets would be gobbled up within minutes (it seemed that way at least). Ed told me that he once fished the lake two or three times one summer and that was a miracle. He said he just got lucky.

Maybe Barretts heydays are over. I don't know. Maybe the ease of obtaining tickets now are due to the price. It cost just under $100 for the gate fee which includes the boat and motor, and an additional $20 per angler. I remember reading it costing somewhere around $40 per ticket and $10 per angler at the marina. In any case the place still fishes fine for me, especially since I never experience those truly epic days of the past. All I know is that these fish are aggressive and hit and fight hard. They will take the fly with no problem.

I can hardly wait. I've been tying new flies just for the occasion.

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