Saturday, January 5, 2013

Casting 900 Grains On a 10 Weight Line!?!

Last summer I asked Capt. Bill Calhoun if he wanted to hit Barrett Lake with me and although he wanted to he told me he couldn't as he was busy working on something all summer long.  I asked what it was but he told me he couldn't tell he was up to but would let me know when he was finished.

I spoke with Bill this morning after talking about our duck hunts, he let me know about his new project with his buddies, The Calico Syndicate.  These guys are casting lines up to 1000 grains on their 10 weights going after monster Calicos in the deep!  Now 1000 grains lines are nothing new, in fact I have one from my Costa Rica trip years ago.  The difference is back then we never actually casted the line, we simply hucked it over the boat and jigged the line until a tarpon hit it.  Also we were using rods 12-14 weights.  Now with modern graphite and flylines what was thought of as impossible is now reality.

While this set up was designed for Calico bass, I would love to try this set up on largemouth bass, particularly at Barrett and Stripers at our various Striper lakes.  This concept is new so Bill and company haven't yet tried this set up for those species but are planning to do so soon.

More videos are available here on their youtube channel.  There you can learn how they design their lines, knots that they recommend using for and such.  I need to try this set, the only question am I going to kill myself by nailing myself in the back on the forward cast?  I hope to God not.

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