Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some Unexpected Eats in the Eastern Sierras

When one thinks of cuisine in the Eastern Sierras, most would think meat and potatoes, pizza, burgers or simple American country fare but to my surprise there is a lot more.
Escargot from Still Life Café a French Bistro in Independence CA that my pop and I had years ago after a duck hunt.  This restaurant is owned by a Frenchman from Provence.
Bishop has decent Thai food.  Who would have ever thought?  This green curry is from a in-the-middle-of-nowhere-restaurant, Thai Thai located in the airport.  I had take-out so I could dine with Kaiser in the motel.

I know there are a few fine dining restaurants in Mammoth but since I don't ski and spend my time fly fishing or hunting the valley, Mammoth is just too far for me to go dining. 

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