Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Filson Bird Strap

It's about time.  Filson has finally made a duck strap.  I'm not sure how new this product is, but I know it was not around a few years ago.  I'm shocked that they didn't make this ages ago.  Now if only they made a 12 gauge shellbelt.  I bought this on sale online at Classic Upland Supply out of New York for $68.60.  Duck straps are must have kit for waterfowlers.  Given the size of geese and ducks, game bags typically are filled after a few birds.  So having straps is essential.
These self closing loops are held together with, I believe, steel rings with brass plating.  The rings slide smoothly and will hold a waterfowl's neck securely.  The bridle leather is thick and well tanned.  No doubt, like most Filson leather products, this thing is built to last.  Best of all it's US made not like the Chinese made McAlister crap out on the market now.  And unlike the McAlister that only has six straps, the Filson has ten.  I guess the designers at McAlister don't hunt or realize our duck limits are 7.  Add a few geese t that number in a days hunt and you'll have your hands free to carry out your shotgun, dog stand, chair or whatever from the duck blind while your birds hang from your shoulder.
The Filson logo is handsomely embossed onto the leather.  The strap is smooth for comfort but I wish they added some sort of padding as a bunch of geese and ducks can get heavy.  Now only if it were October already...Hopefully I'll actually get to use this strap this season, last year was a joke.

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