Monday, June 4, 2012

Redemption At MVL

Mission Viejo Lake looking toward the dam
A pair of 5 pounders taunting every fishermen who passes the marina.
The Carnitas Wet Burrito Lunch special at Olamendi's Express
After this weekend's stellar trout fishing, Chul invited me again to fish MVL to redeem ourselves from our last poor outing here.  We met for lunch At Olamendi's and afterwards hit the lake. We spent less than 3 hours and we on the once we hit our favorite cove.  The cove where Big George and Martha we seen the first time we came.  While those two beast did not show their faces, we managed a pretty good bite on juvenile bass with the best weighing in at a pound.  We caught a few within that range and a few less than that.  After about 10 or so we moved to the other side of the lake and hit the area we saw the two other beasts (8 pounders).  This time we saw three of them all within that size.  Both of us missed a couple here, when Chul noticed a lone 8 pounder cruising below us.   We didn't have a good angle for a cast, not that it really matters.  Ed once told me that those big shore runners generally don't eat.  Most people catch those mammoths in the deep water as the guy at the marina later confirmed to us when we chatted him up.  I casted all my stripped line at an angle that the fish was taking and started to strip.  The line began to jerk and I set the hook.  It didn't feel big but it was fighting.  It turned out to be a respectable bluegill.  As the wind drifted us Chul again noticed a pair of bruisers cruising just to the Port side.  The two were at least 8 pounder.  Again we didn't have the right angle to make a decent cast but we tried anyways without any luck.  We called it a day after that and while we didn't get any impressive fish, we had a good time killing a few hours after work.  Today was our best day here in terms of numbers so we can't complain.

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