Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monkey Bum

Not well known here in the States, the Monkey Bum is a highly effective fly.  Created by an Australian guide, the Monkey Bum is an easy to tie emerger.  I have been using it lately with great success.  When I've worked a pool to the point of shutting it down, I switch to this fly and the fish begin to start biting again.  My version is slightly different from the original since I those were the materials I had on hand but the original material is listed below in parenthesis.  Just dab good glob of floatant on the post only when your ready to fish and good luck.

Hook: TMC2487 (Kamasan B100) size 10-14
Post:  Hi-Vis Pink (Neer Hair)
Thorax:  Peacock
Abdomen:  Black floss (Dark Brown Uni-flex)
Tail:  3-4 strands of pheasant tail fibers
Thread:  Black thread 6/0

1 comment:

  1. It is great to see my fly is getting around the globe.
    It is also brilliant to use in tandem with a small weighted nymph.
    The pink post is easy to see in moving water or when the sun is low and it becomes hard to see your fly with the light reflecting on the water.
    The pink stands out well as it is a great indicator fly.

    Good luck and happy fishing.

    Cheers; Scottie
    Indulgence Flyfishing