Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tough Day At the Bay. Red Tide Coming.

The bay is still loaded with jellyfish eggs just like it was the last time I fished with Koji.
Despite what the tide charts say, today's tides were nonexistant.  Fishing was not helped by the fact that the mouth of the bay has begun to red tide.  For our 5 hours of constant casting, I only managed one sand bass that was a little over a pound.  It was a stocky fish but had some girth and weight to him.  With all his effort Alex came home with the skunk.  What a brutal day.  Arrived around 10am and fished the bait barge till noon.  Drifted the CGS, where I managed the sand bass.  And then we cruised areas looking for a bite.  Brutal.  Why is it when Alex and I fish together it always sucks?

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