Saturday, January 26, 2013

Filson Outfitter Bag

Filson is having their annual winter sale.  It's a good time to buy your replacement tin cloth pants or a new hunting shirt or whatever else catches your fancy.  For me I had my eye on some new luggage.  With no reason to buy anything, when I first received the email notification a few weeks ago, so I ignored it.  After a few days, maybe weeks, I decided to open the email and see what was on sale.  There was nothing I needed or more accurately wanted.
When my Mulholland bag tore at the zipper seams from my first duck hunt of the year, I looked into new luggage.  I went back to the Filson email to see if any of their luggage were on sale. They were but too bad for me they were all out of stock.  Damn, I missed my opportunity.  For whatever reason, perhaps I was wishing for some miracle, I kept checking everyday to see if they were back in stock.  After a few days, I would notice that the otter green would be in stock , and once you refreshed the page it was then out of stock.  Soon the tan version would do the same.  Figuring it was just a website glitch, I decided to try adding it to the cart and it accepted it.   So I placed an order.  It accepted it and I eventually received a confirmation.  I figured that I would receive and email days after telling me that they were out of stock but instead I received a shipping confirmation email. 

This bag arrived while I was hunting the Owens Valley so I was not able to "test" it out in the field.  Now that I'm home I can play around with it and my initial impression was damn this thing is heavy.  This is a large and has enough room for a week long hunting trip.  There is a separate bottom compartment for boots or your dirty laundry.  Along with the two main compartments, there are plenty of pockets- two in the interior, two zippered pockets along the length of the bag and two small open pockets on the edges.  All in all quite the buy for $249.99 compared to the MSRP price of $415.  It's too bad I didn't get a chance to use it before the season closed.


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