Monday, January 14, 2013

Arriving Just In Time

As I'll be hunting with pop when he returns in country,  so I needed to stock up on some nontox waterfowl ammo.  Although prices on raw tungsten have skyrocket over the years, prices on Kent's Tungsten Matrix have remained constant from when I bought my last case a few years ago.  Still they are not cheap at $320 a case of 100, but that is actually $29 cheaper than what I paid about 3 years ago.  Whereas Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles have nearly doubled at $410/100.  I recall paying a little over $2 a shot a few years ago with their rebate coupon.   Recently when checking websites, I was shocked when I saw their pricing. 

Personally that's fine as I feel Kent is a better round.  They have faster velocity and larger shot charges.  Also I've taken more ducks with it than I have with the Classic Double.  I believe it has to do not only on velocity but weight as well.  Kent's shot weighs 10.8g/cc, that is close to the 11.1g/cc that of lead.  Classic Double is 9.4g/cc.  Unless Tungsten Matrix pricing goes off the roof I'll be sticking with it in the future.

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