Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Merkel Model 8

A few days ago I brought my Merkel Model 8 to Ivory Beads to remove the stupid HiViz bead that the previous owner had put on. For years I've been wanting to change it back to a brass bead but I've been too lazy to do so. Well I've finally done it and have now received it back. While at Ivory Beads I had them check the chokes as I was uncertain exactly how the barrels were choked. From the patterning boards I always knew that they were choked very tight. I had thought that they were Full/Full. Jerry checked them and let me know they are actually Full/ X-Full.

Now that I have the bead "fixed" I'm debating whether or not to open the chokes up. As this is basically my duck/chukar gun I've always liked a tighter choke for this type of shooting but these chokes are a bit much. Although I have never vaporized any of my birds I have taken with the M8, even on the occasions that I took this gun out for quail, I think its time to open them up. IC/Mod may be appropriate but I'm hesitant to do so as my Merkel 147SL and 47E are already choked in that configuration. I thought perhaps even opening it up to Cyl/SKT but I'm not quite sure as this gun is rarely used for quail.


  1. You could always try one of the special "spreading" loads for it. I am not a shotgun master by any means being much more a rifle and long range pistol shooter but I have read about both factory shot shells and handloads that have special wads to spread the pattern faster.

    You have beautiful shotgun.

  2. Appreciate your comments. I do use B&P Dispersante (spreader) rounds in it. They help for short range shooting but they are god awful dirty shooting ammo.