Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hubertus Small Game Knife

USPS came with a special package. I just received this Hubertus Small Game Knife. The first thing I noticed is the weight of this folding knife. This thing is a tank and solidly built. The fit and finish is just excellent. The stag horn handle is stunning.

The bolsters are German Silver and the liners are brass.

I'm not sure how old this knife is but the blade is labeled "Made in West Germany." Although its in new shape its unlikely this is a recent production knife.

The blades are die forged out of German high performance stainless steel DIN 1.4109

As a hunting knife, this Hubertus has the main blade, a saw and a gut hook. The saw blade is labeled Rostfrei which literally means "rust-free" or stainless steel.

A good look at the genuine stag horn handle and the main blade's locking device.

Here is a comparison to my boker bird knife. Both are made in Solingen.

The width of the Hubertus is significant compared to the Boker.

Two fine examples of old world craftsmanship. The Boker is a nice knife but the Hubertus truly shines. Honestly the Boker is a VW and the Hubertus is a Maybach. The Boker is a nice match with my Merkel M8, while the Hubertus matches perfectly with my Merkel sidelock.


  1. Where did you purchase the Hubertus from?

    1. World Knives. Although it is no longer available through them.