Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MEC 8567N Grabber

Yesterday my good friend Ed gave me his MEC 12 gauge reloader on an indefinite loan basis. He has been trying to get rid of it for a while now to make some room in his already cramped garage. With the reloader he also gave me at least several hundred empty hulls mainly STS and AAs, as well as some 209 Winchester primers, a bag of clay buster wads and a can of IMR powder. Its my intention to start reloading nontox waterfowl loads. I have read many good things about Nice Shot as it may be substituted for lead recipes. According to the website its heavier than lead and only slightly harder but its very malleable. I look forward to trying these loads out. The MEC needs some minor work and I'm still waiting for MEC to send me a copyof the manual. The MEC manual download for this reloader is messed up so I asked them to send me a hard copy. I know I'll need to get the primer tray as Ed no longer has it. I may need a few things as well but I won't really know until I study the manual.

Now I just need some 12 gauge recipes and I'll be set for the duck season and I won't have to pay over $3.00 a shell either.

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  1. I can just guess why he was eliminating the reloader. I finally gave up on adjusting or repairing my old Grabber and purchased a new one. Right from the factory I had to adjust the primer feed so the primers would drop on time and not jam.
    The new Grabber has a new four piece Primer Post but it causes jams when trying to rotate the Shell Carrier. The Rim on the shot shell bumps on the edge of the table on the base. I retrieved my old three piece Primer Post from the discarded loader and the Rim james stopped.