Monday, July 27, 2015

Maserin Mushroom Knife 804/OL

For some time now I've wanted to start mushroom hunting.  Unfortunately due to the drought conditions, it has made mushroom hunting in Southern California pointless.  So I'll have to wait until we get some wet years before I can go out and try my new folding blade.
Having never hunted mushrooms I looked at several knives before choosing on the Italian Maserin 804 in olive handles.  While there are mushroom knives more expensive, this Maniago hand-made Maserin can be considered a "higher" end model at $82.95.  Most quality models from reputable companies like the Italian made Mercury, or French made Opinels start at around $30.  Unlike most mushroom knives the 804 comes with a sheath.  Also included is a warranty card.
Generally all mushroom knives come with a blade, a brush, and a ruler.  Price differences lie in how those features are incorporated into the knife and it goes without saying so does fit finish and teh quality of materials.
If you've never seen a mushroom knife, a unique feature of most mushroom knives is the design of the blade.  Most blades have some kind of curve and like most Maserin mushroom blades this model has a two tier concave design.   The locking blade is made of 440 stainless steel.  There is a large nail nick but I find it unnecessary as there is plenty of steel to hold on to while opening the knife.
The handles are made of olive wood held together with four pins.  At the butt of the handle houses the rotating concealable mushroom brush that is made of nylon.  On one side of the handle is an etched metric ruler to add in positive identification.
On the other side it is plain without any etchings or markings.
Typical in most mushroom knives I've seen the handles have no bolsters.  Both the liner and backspring are stainless steel.  The lock is located at the middle of the spring.  The liners do not extend all the way down the scales as it stops where the rotating brush is located.
In the Swiss Army Knife fashion there is tweezers hidden in the handle.  Easily accessible for picking twigs or debris off mushrooms.
A two position belt cordura belt sheath is included.  Carrying the knife vertically accommodates belts just over 2.5 inches while if you choose to carry the knife horizontally you'll be lucky to fit it in a one inch belt.  While there is a two button closure the bottom button is perfect length for this knife.

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