Monday, January 5, 2015

Albino Browns and Bows

My fishing buddy is now back from exile and we decided to hit up a local to see if any of the "big" fish survived.  The water is low, covered in slit and most fish were dinks to microdinks.  Chul did manage a half way decent fish.  For our first outing of the year, it was a rather dismal showing.  Most of the fish I caught I flung out of the water over my head when I set the hook.  All the fish we did catch were pale, almost albino-like.  Strange.  Last winter Chul regularly saw many fish in the 14 inch range, I guess those did not survive the harsh summer.  Damn this drought.


  1. Where's the katsu sandwich from? If I can't catch any local fish due to the trout, at least I'd like to catch that sandwich!

    1. I meant, due to the drought, not due to the trout!

      (due to the trout not being there!)