Thursday, March 1, 2012

Save Your Beer For Another Day

Chul and Tuck have a running bet; whoever catches a carp on the fly first owes the other a beer. I invited them both to my local waters to see if one could collect on that bet. Tuck was unable to make it which ended up a good thing for him. I would have felt bad if he'd made the long drive and experienced what we did. The conditions were unfavorable to say the least.

After lunch I headed to the water to meet Chul. We began fishing at about 1pm. Sighting fish was tough, the water is dark and high with the recent rains. I should have known this was going to happen but I'm stubborn and refused to accept it. Not only was the water clarity poor but the ripples on the water caused by the breeze did not make things any easier. All in all, we must have spooked at least 15 or more fish, most we didn't even have a chance to cast to them. For whatever reason these fish were spookier than ever. Chul hypothesized that the fish maybe in spawning mode and that is the reason for their skittishness. It's a good theory and made sense as I have never seen them that jumpy here.

After trying to sight cast to the very few fish we could see, we began blind casting for the hell of it. I felt a fish after casting in an area that normally holds some carp. I felt some resistance, then a little tussle and then the line went limp. I retrieved the fly only to find a carp scale hooked onto it. I must have foul hooked it and ripped off.

The only good thing about today was my meals. The fishing blew. I felt bad as I thought I could "guide" Chul on his first carp on a fly. I'm 0 for 2 now on helping friends get a carp. Last year I tried to get Ed his first one too. That basically ended the same way with my friends getting skunked. Maybe this is why I don't get paid for this. I fucking suck.

Lunch: Grilled Pork Bahn Mi

Dinner: Katsu Curry. Perhaps it wasn't a total waste for Chul at least dinner was good.

When the water gets back to normal, I'll have them all, Ed, Chul and Tuck on these damn fish. Tules are growing fast, soon they will become a jungle, making casting "interesting."

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