Friday, March 16, 2012

I Might Be In Love

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I think I may have found my dream girl, Georgia Pellegrini. She hunts, fishs, cooks and loves the outdoors. And she's cute. Yes I'm in love. Of course if she were ever to be my girl I'd have to get her a proper double. She'd have to ditch that Beretta Over and Under and start shooting a side by side. And if she didn't already do it, she'd have to fly fish too.

Marry me?
I'll have to check out her book...but only after she says "yes" to my proposal of course...

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  1. BTW, your new "love of your life" (mine too!) was on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday.

    Kimmel is so funny, listen for his comments regarding "you are what you eat near the end of part one. So funny. part one part two

    I will be making this recipe next week for some friends at my duck club board meeting. I'm the only one who cooks out of the group. I'll will also be using wild boar too.