Friday, March 16, 2012

Why You Must Own An Engel Fridge

The Engel Fridge is one of the greatest purchases I've ever made.  Without it, I'd probably still be "slumming" it roasting hot dogs at the campfire.  Those who have never had a proper meal in the field, you're missing out.  We all know how good a crappy hot dog tastes in the outdoors but when we eat one at home it generally taste like garbage, why?  Because fresh air and the outdoors always makes things taste better.  If a crappy hot dog tastes good outdoors, now imagine how a proper meal would taste. 

I've taken delicate seafood, such as crab, out to the field in 100 degree Baja weather and had no fear of it spoiling.  Try that with an ordinary ice chest.  I never have to worry about ice melting and waterlogging my food.  My drinks are always cold without them being wet from melting ice.  If I wanted to I could make it into a freezer and bring ice cream or Popsicles though I've never done it.  The battery draw is minimal so you needn't fear your car going dead (as long as the car is driven daily).

I remember a time when I was working for some douche bag and every Friday the team would have a pointless meeting just so he could "act" like a boss.  He would see me taking diligent notes throughout the meeting, he must have thought I was trying to take notes of every pointless and time wasting thing he was mentioning.  Little did he know I was not even listening to him or even taking notes of his stupid ramblings but in fact writing down my weekend adventure's meals from day 1 to the end.  I was making a shopping list of all the ingredients I was to buy at Whole Foods or Bristol Farms after work.  It's a good thing he never asked to see those notes.
The Traveling Kitchen
Duck Confit Risotto
Blanquette d'Agneau
Crab Omelet
Shrimp Provençal over rice
Lamb Chops with Shallow and Red Wine Reduction
Prosciutto Tomato Caprese Sandwich
Fried Rice
Crab and Avocado Sandwich
Prime New York Strip with Herb Mash Potatoes (I cooked this alittle too much for my liking)
Tuna and Tomato Caprese
Cornish Game Hen with Vegetables
Grilled Quail with Purple Mash Potatoes
Sausage and Potato Breakfast Burrito

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