Wednesday, March 7, 2012

California Heritage Trout Challenge

Chul has let me know of this program from the California DFG, the California Heritage Trout Challenge. He has actually completed it. The goal is to catch six different forms of native trout from their historical drainages. You will need to photograph each fish caught and record the water and method of take and send it to the DFG. Once verified you'll receive a certificate with each fish caught illustrated by famed artist Joseph Tomelleri with the date and water the fish was caught. Chul says the certificate is far nicer than they appear on the Internet. In addition to the certificate Chul also received a nice cap although I'm not quite sure if that is standard as it makes no mention of it on the website.

There is no time limit on when you catch your fish. Over the years it looks like I'm already half way there. We'll see if I can complete it this year but I doubt it.

This certificate belongs to Norm Crisp and posted here with permission. You can read about his Heritage Trout journey here and his blog here.

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