Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Perfect Complement

Merkel 47e and 147SL with Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph and Navigator Automatic
Close up of the Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph
Glashutte Original watches and Merkel fine guns are probably my favorite watch and fine gun companies. They are a perfect complement to one another as they have very similiar stories. Both are from East Germany from storied cities. Glashutte is the watch making capital of Germany, Suhl the gun making capital of Germany. Both have been around over 100 years. Both survived the GDR era and were combined with other companies in order to survive. Glashutte was fused from various independent watchmakers, and Merkel was combined with JP Sauer, Simson, among others.  Both are precision instruments using both old world and new world techniques and machinery. Both represent some of Germany engineering and creativity.

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