Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cold Japanese Duck Breast

This dish is inspired the duck dish by Yasuo "Frank" and Hideko Matsuki from Sushi Koto in Fountain Valley.  Its not identical as I have forgotten exactly how they prepare it.  I believe they actually bake theirs, I pan sear mine. 

Duck Breast
Ninben Tsuyu No Moto (Seasoning Soy Sauce).  If you can't find it its just Dashi and Soy.

I don't have exact measurements of each ingredient.  I just go by feel.  Just take it easy on the sugar.  Have enough liquid to cover the duck breasts. 
Score the skin to ease rendering of fat and let the marinade penetrate.
Flip the breast and poke with a fork.
Add all the liquids into a container and mix.  Add breast and marinade overnight.
Heat skillet over low/medium heat.  Place duck breast skin down.  If you're using farmed duck oil will not be necessary.  The left over marinade can be used again, more on that later.
Render as much fat as you want and flip it over when the skin becomes a nice golden brown color.  Increase the heat and sear the other side.  Careful not to cook it too much, it will not need as much time on the flesh side as the skin side.  You want a pink middle.
Once cooked place aside and let rest at room temperature.   Once cooled place in the fridge.

Once cold slice and serve with rice and daikon radish.

Sushi Koto serves this as an appetizer.  I think it goes well on top of a green salad or even in a sandwich,  just serve in crusty French bread, arugula, tomato and a tiny bit of Japanese mayo.

I have yet to try it with wild duck as I didn't manage to get any waterfowl hunting done last season.  No bad weather means no waterfowl.

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