Monday, April 30, 2012

Just Ordered From Amazon

"Sometime last year or earlier this year when Fur Feather and Fin out of the UK sent me a catalog, I noticed this book, The Shoot Lunch by JC Jeremy Hobson.  Fascinated by European Estate Shoots, I wanted to order it.  But since overseas shipping from the UK is always, for some reason, ridiculously cost prohibitive, I did not and in time I simply just forgot about this book.   At that time no US seller had stocked it as it was relatively new.  Looking through that catalog today, it rekindled my interest in this book.  So I search for it on Amazon and lo and behold the US Amazon actually stocks it.  So I picked it up. 

Since I don't always understand British English I had to look up the meaning of Craic (pronounce crack), a word found in Northern England, Scotland, and Ireland, which is essentially the same as the American equivalent of "Bull-Shitting" or more politely-gossiping or fun, entertaining conversation.  Learn something new everyday. 

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