Friday, April 20, 2012

Benefits of a Hard Charging Dog

Looks like I'll be out of commission for the next few weeks.  So no more fishing.  No more fun.  And after a $1000 vet bill, it looks like I won't be buying anything either.  No going out this weekend.  Next few weeks should be fun.  At least it didn't happen during the hunting season.


  1. Poor puppy! Cone head and wrapped leg.

    Is your Draht from Bob/Beth Worrell? I have one too, but she is a smooth coat. Lily came from Doro and Archer the "C" litter.



    stevemiller (at) laderasystems (dot) net

    1. I've met Bob and have trained with him at Prado. He has great dogs but mine is from Kit Critchlow. I've also met Archer, his a great dog. In fact he is one of Critchlow's dogs as well. So your dog must be good. I wonder, is your dog a spaz like mine?

  2. my typical term for my dog is "dufus". she is a 3 year old and trained by Bob. Great dog, excellent nose and really calm; most of the time. excellent desire to hunt and please. great family dog, my wife just love's her.

    i hunt ducks most of the time, but she has been on planted upland several times, mostly at the High Desert Hunt Club. No wild upland, yet.

    You appear to be into fish, so you might be interested in this 11 acre pond we just finished building. it is part of our duck club and we will stock with copper nose blue gill this coming monday. we are stocking 10,000 fish. next fall we will put in 1000 12" bass.

    next year should be great bass fishing.

    Check out these vid's of the pond before and after we filled it.

    this first vid shows the bottom structure,

    this vid show the nearly full pond.