Monday, April 30, 2012

C&F Design Wet Fly Case

C&F Design magnetic 3/3 box is unavailable here in the states.  I purchased two of these in Japan back in 2005.  I had completely forgot I had them as I have not done any steelhead or salmon fishing in several years.  The case is designed for medium sized wet flies (size 4-8).  On each side it contains 3 rows of 5 magnetic holders.  In the center is a divider that holds a dropper wallet on each side.  The case is an ordinary s-sized C&F case.
Although unique, the dropper wallet is something I've yet to completely figure out.  I can not seem to make it work properly.  The theory is you can pre-rig a dropper for fast and easy set up. 
The magnets are strong and hold the fly very firmly.  With the case open I have shook it violently to see if I could pry a fly out it place and could not.

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