Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Filo Nymph Fly

Hook: TMC 3761 (or similar nymph hook)
Tail: 3 Filo Plume tips
Body: Chopped filo plume dubbed and tapered to form a body
This is an old fly created by Chris Mathews at Blue Ribbon Flies in Montana.  Its simple to tie and uses normally discarded material.  To my knowledge this fly is unpublished as I have never seen or read about this fly anywhere.  It was not until my friend Mike made me aware of it that I knew it existed.  Thirty or more years ago when he first opened his shop, Chris told Mike about this fly.  From then on, this happens to be Mike's favorite fly to fish on just about any trout water.  He has slayed them at Yellowstone and is his go-to-fly when float tubing at Crawley Lake.
Filo that is needed is not the paper thin puff pastry but the feathers that exist in between the rump feathers of the pheasant (or just about any large bird).  It is soft and delicate and provides the undulating movement that fish love, very similar to that of marabou.
Beadhead version
Kern River Emerger Version (pheasant rump feathers used as legs, thin foam as wingcase)

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